8 Reasons to connect with AIGA Houston on Facebook.

8 Reasons to connect with AIGA Houston on Facebook

For 2010, slowly but surely AIGA Houston’s page on Facebook has become a central hub for our communication efforts with members and non-members in the Houston community. The main reasons for this shift lies in the popularity of Facebook across a broad demographic, the various methods with which fans can engage in a two way dialogue and the ease of use in which board members can communicate with and mobilize members and volunteers.

If you are not currently connected to AIGA Houston on Facebook below are 8 reasons to do so today.

1. Stay up to date with the latest AIGA Houston related news and buzz.
For many reasons Facebook is the easiest and quickest way for our board and many of its volunteers and contributors to share and disseminate news and events. Most information pops up here first before filtering out through our other channels.

2. You don’t have to be a member to become a fan.
Although we encourage people to become members, our Page is a great way to get a sense of what the great member benefits available and all of the great programming and events that your support helps put into play.

3. Engage in unfiltered transparent dialogue with your local board.

Have something you would like to share with the board? Post it on our wall, you can be sure someone will be in touch. We want to hear from you and welcome any comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism. (Full disclosure: I do delete posts or comments that I believe to be spam, obscene or trolling in nature so please keep it civil)

4. Connect with other creatives in your community.
Sometimes it is about who you know. Our page is a great way to followup after an AIGA social or event or to connect with likeminded people who share your interests. Also our tagged photo galleries are a great way of putting a name to a face. Although if you are serious about building up your professional network I would suggest that you check out our LinkedIn Group as well (members only).

5. Get real time advice and suggestions.
Trying to figure out something in Photoshop? Need a good printer or photographer? Trying to identify a typeface? These are all good questions to post on the wall or our discussion tab and get worthwhile answers from people who know.

6. Get feedback on your latest design project.
Just finished a cool project that you want to share with everyone? Upload it to our wall and let people know. We’re always curious to know what other designers in the Houston area are doing and look forward to checking out your work.

7. Check out the latest photos and videos.

While we still actively maintain our flickr and Youtube channels, more and more people are posting and sharing photos and videos on our facebook page every day.

8. If you are a volunteer, it is a great way to give back to your community.
Whether it’s posting photos, videos, or contributing and editing content, we have a wide variety of roles for those that are savvy in social media. If you are interested in learning more please contact me, John Luu, info@houston.aiga.org for additional information.

By John Luu
Published May 12, 2010
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