Board of Directors

Get to know the local and passionate creatives who serve on your AIGA Houston governing body as board and committee members.

Executive Committee

Contact Us | The Executive Committee manages the chapter’s resources, finances, and day-to-day/monthly operations and is the key touchpoint for communicating with AIGA National.

Portrait of Henry Ngo

Henry Ngo, President

Portrait of Tracy Ngo

Tracy Ngo, Operations Director

Anna Laura Reyes, Finance Director

Programming Committee

Contact Us | The Programming Committee focuses on community events intended to connect Houston area creatives, educate designers, and help strengthen skills for a variety of audiences, including emerging, mid-level, and senior-level creatives. The committee coordinates 1–2 portfolio reviews annually, develops and maintains relationships with local educators/schools, and manages Design Loop, the chapter’s mentorship program. The committee is also responsible for events including Monthly Creative Meetups, Community Day, Holiday Party, 20×20, and creative talks.

Andrina Stewart, Programming Director

Kay Thomas Portrait

Kay Thomas, Programming Chair

Reina Patel, Programming Coordinator

Kate Zurawski, Programming Coordinator

Reshma Solanki, Programming Ambassador

Communications Committee

Contact Us | The Communications committee oversees the chapter’s internal and external communications strategy and manages marketing, social media, articles, e-blasts, and the website.

Natalie Thayer, Communications Director

Hannah Fei, Communications (Email) Coordinator

Sabrina Smith, Communications (Social Media) Coordinator

Design Advocacy Committee

Contact Us | The Design Advocacy Committee focuses on events, resources, and tools that advocate for the role of the designer, promote the value of creative work, and encourage social awareness and design-driven change. The committee develops programming, materials, and content that reflect design’s potential for impact on both the individual and social levels.

Sara Iqbal, Design Advocacy Director

Sam Benitez, Design Advocacy Ambassador

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Committee

Contact Us | The Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee is dedicated to expanding social justice knowledge and encouraging members of the creative community to think critically about equity, inclusion, privilege, and bias. The committee develops programming and content that encourages dialogue, raises awareness of community issues, promotes inclusivity, and celebrates diversity.

Henry Ngo, Interim DEI Director

Natacha Poggio, DEI Coordinator
AIGA National, Chapter Advisory Council (CAC)

Chris Robinson, DEI Coordinator

Qi Guo, DEI Coordinator

Joshua Unikel, DEI Coordinator

Sanders Anderson, DEI Ambassador

Finance Committee

Contact Us | The Finance (Partnerships) Committee identifies, secures, and maintains partnerships and sponsorships to support the chapter’s programming and activities. The committee develops benefits, maintains contact information, and serves as a key point of contact for current and potential partners/sponsors.

Anna Laura Reyes, Finance Director

Gracie Padron, Partnerships Chair

Michael Moran, Partnerships Coordinator

Membership Committee

Contact Us | The Membership Committee recruits new members to the chapter, provides support, and maintains resources for local members.

Join Us

Are you passionate about Houston’s creative community?

Apply during our annual Board Nominations! Help serve our local community and determine the future of AIGA Houston by nominating its leaders. Board Nominations offers an opportunity to nominate individuals to join the AIGA Houston chapter as a board or committee member.

Nomination Process

  • The nomination period typically opens in January of each year, where applicants apply through our nomination form.
  • Once the nomination period closes, the appointed Nominating Committee will review submissions and applicants.
  • The Nominating Committee will propose a slate of nominees to be approved by the current board. The chapter slate will then be presented to all AIGA Houston members for a majority vote election.
  • Elected candidates will be onboarded and new board/committee members will begin their term on July 1 of the same year.