2020 Board of Directors


Executive | Contact Us
The Executive Committee manages the chapter’s resources, finances, and day-to-day/monthly operations and is the key touchpoint for communicating with AIGA National.


Henry Ngo


Tracy Ngo
Operations Director


Anna Laura Dulin
Finance Director




Community Programming | Contact Us
The Community Programming Committee focuses on events intended to connect Houston area creatives and strengthen the chapter’s connection to the local community. The committee is responsible for events including Monthly Creative Meetups, Community Day, Holiday Party, 20×20, and creative talks.


Andrina Stewart
Community Programming Director


Reina Patel
Community Programming Coordinator


MiKayla Thomas
Community Programming Chair


Reshma Solanki
Community Programming Ambassador




Education & Mentorship | Contact Us
The Education & Mentorship Committee focuses on events designed to educate designers and help strengthen skills for a variety of audiences, including emerging, mid-level, and senior-level creatives. The committee coordinates 1–2 portfolio reviews annually, develops and maintains relationships with local educators/schools, and manages Design Loop, the chapter’s mentorship program.


David Alvarez
Education & Mentorship Co-Director


Efren Cavazos
Education & Mentorship Co-Director


Thao Nguyen
Mentorship Chair


Design Advocacy | Contact Us
The Design Advocacy Committee focuses on events, resources, and tools that advocate for the role of the designer, promote the value of creative work, and encourage social awareness and design-driven change. The committee develops programming, materials, and content that reflect design’s potential for impact on both the individual and social levels.


Natacha Poggio
Design for Good Chair


Diversity & Inclusion | Contact Us
The Diversity & Inclusion Committee is dedicated to expanding social justice knowledge and encouraging members of the creative community to think critically about equity, inclusion, privilege, and bias. The committee develops programming and content that encourages dialogue, raises awareness of community issues, promotes inclusivity, and celebrates diversity.


Jeremy Woodson
Diversity & Inclusion Director


Dalia Garza
Board Ambassador (Diversity & Inclusion)


Special Programming | Contact Us
The Special Programming Committee is dedicated to the chapter’s annual major event. Some examples include Inside Job, Houston Design Week(end), Houston Design Awards, and Design Fellow Exhibitions. Committee members alternate each year to best serve the designated annual event.




Communications | Contact Us
The Communications committee oversees the chapter’s internal and external communications strategy and manages marketing, social media, articles, e-blasts, and the website.


Hannah Fei
Email Chair


Sabrina Smith
Social Media Chair


Ajeahnell (AJ) Dempsey
Social Media Chair


Jairo Razo
Web & IT Chair


Connections | Contact Us
The Connections Committee helps bridge gaps within the chapter, connects new creatives, and supports all areas of the board where able. The committee oversees the Board Ambassador onboarding process and internal chapter calendar, as well as identifies opportunities for collaboration within the board.


Natalie Thayer
Connections Director


Marisol Lua
Board Ambassador


Alberto Huichapa
Board Ambassador


Lillian Hoang
Board Ambassador


Enrique Garza
Board Ambassador


Membership | Contact Us
The Membership Committee facilitates the membership journey, helping drive new growth and encouraging retention. The committee directs membership campaigns, supports active members, and recruits new members.


Partnerships | Contact Us
The Partnerships Committee identifies, secures, and maintains partnerships and sponsorships to support the chapter’s programming and activities. The committee develops benefits, maintains contact information, and serves as a key point of contact for current and potential partners/sponsors.


Zach Stroeher
Partnerships Director @designs_fwd


Michael Moran
Partnerships Chair Morandom.design