A Perspective on Creativity

Came across this wonderful interview with dancer/choreographer Twyla Tharp. Below is a quote from her in the video.

“Failure means often that you tried something and it didn’t work, so you have some lessons to be gained. Success means that you tried possibly the same old thing and it still works. That’s nice too. It’s a choice to be made”

When you watch the video, you can tell from her inflection that she doesn’t believe in taking the “safe route”. This reminds me of why it’s so important to sketch and work through ideas. I actually prefer not show people my really rough sketches. Why? Because most of them aren’t good – I’m working things out. By the third round of sketches, though, I’ll let someone take a look. I put the page on a copier and engarge/cut out the part I want to show. For me, it keeps me experimental to go this route.

Creativity is about risk-taking. Now that you’ve seen Twyla’s perspective on creativity, what is yours?

By Robin Tooms
Published December 4, 2008
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