A Vote for AIGA’s Future

So today’s the day.

Like many of you, I received my reminder to vote on AIGA’s future plans (and sale of the NY building) yesterday with numerous links to the history, dialogue (including Design Observer’s open letter) and planning process.

Although I’ve seen several calls for a delay in the vote, I don’t believe the issue should be tabled at this point. Over the past several months, AIGA National has hosted webcasts (six in all) and numerous posts overviewing the plan and decision-making process and soliciting member feedback.

While I personally don’t think the “transformative” option has been well-conceived, explained, publicized or is as thorough as everyone would like, and terminology like “status-quo” vs “transformative” are not word choices I would have used—to say that the decision is rushed and members are uninformed is disingenuous.

I simply believe members have not read the emails, viewed the webcasts and are just now stumbling across a one-sided point of view on Design Observer that contains as much “intellectual bullying” as AIGA is being accused of.

Cooler, more informed heads need to prevail. Shame on those (I’m including me) who didn’t place a priority on participating in the dialogue sooner.

This should serve as a reminder to each of us that AIGA’s initiatives for the future have been discussed for some time. We all care deeply about the future of our organization, both nationally and locally. It’s past time to invest something in the future of our, your, AIGA. If you haven’t yet, you should take a moment to catch up on the issue at hand, open your email and vote.

By Thomas Hull
Published October 25, 2013
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