Advice for Young Creatives (and the young at heart)

Whether you’re a new graduate, or a seasoned designer – we’re all young at heart, you’ll get something out of this video from the 99percent on Advice for Young Creatives. 99percent is one of my favorite sites, and I happen to be in the middle of reading Making Ideas Happen at the moment (yes, I would recommend it!)

I’ve always found that when you surround yourself with great people, you get better too. What designer doesn’t want to be around people who strive to constantly improve, question everything and are always looking at the world in new ways? The best designers ask “what if…” with every challenge.

Being around other designers, whether at work or through the general design community, means that I’m always exposed to new ideas and perspectives. Sometimes my own views are challenged, but that’s part of what makes our profession inspiring. In this video, as well as Joanna’s podcast, you can see why it’s important to get out into the design community and share ideas.

Other important lessons here… bring your passion to your work, be brave and bold with your choices and collaborate with others.

Hope you enjoyed. Please share your favorite advice too!

By Robin Tooms
Published July 19, 2010
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