AIGA Houston Members Group on Facebook

Recently we’ve been brainstorming ways that AIGA Houston Members can easily communicate with each other; ask questions, share articles, tips, provide vendor recommendations in a space that is private and would allow for frank and candid discussion of topics that are important to our members.

After a lot of thought and looking at the available platforms we’ve decided to re-open our AIGA Members Group on Facebook. We had a Facebook Group previously but that evolved into our Facebook Page back in 2009. While our Facebook Page is great for allowing the chapter to communicate with our members and fans, it’s less than ideal in allowing members to communicate with each other (all outside posts are relegated to the right hand column with the introduction of Timeline in 2012.


Currently our member posts on our Facebook Page are marginalized on this right bar column next to the Timeline. 

So if you are an AIGA member, check out the AIGA Houston Facebook Group today. Feel free to ask any question, post a job opening, or share a cool graphic design article, resource, or image. If you want feedback on a portfolio project, this would be a great place to get feedback and constructive criticism. We hope to hear from you!



By John Luu
Published August 8, 2013
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