Because of AIGA

This year has been nothing short of a life-changing year on so many levels. I have to say that while my talent is what led me to my present position both professionally and socially, the level of success would not be so without my involvement in AIGA! Many of you know that I accepted the president position in July with great enthusiasm and excitement, but what has evolved is beyond what I expected in so many ways. I have been exposed to so much here in Houston this past year from the caliber of individuals who want to use their creative minds to help the creative community evolve in Houston to the masterminds behind some incredibly unique designs and not just through print, but crafts as well. After moving here 4 years ago from Chicago, I can now finally say I LOVE living in Houston and I’m not afraid to tell anyone why who may challenge me.

With that said, I encourage everyone to write in how AIGA has changed your perceptions on design in Houston, how AIGA has been an outlet for your creative soul to flourish, or how you’ve landed that job that you have been searching for. 2011 holds so much potential for us as an organization to build and unite a stronger creative community. If you’re wondering how, I like to reference Dr. Seuss’s Horton Hears a Who; while Houston may be in the top 5 for largest cities, it’s going to take a loud simultaneous voice that we create together to put Houston on the map. In the spirit of giving and being thankful, tell the nation what you are thankful for Because of AIGA.

This project was created by:

Bill Klingensmith
– Past President | Current Member

Jeff Barlow
AIGA Seattle
– Past President | Current Member

By April Guzik
Published November 23, 2010
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