Cronan Lecture Recap

It was a full house last Thursday night and we asked one of the attendees to write about their impression of the event. What was yours? What was the single best thing you heard or saw that night?

Cronan spoke to a full house about his favorite branding projects.

What a great event hosted by AIGA Houston last Thursday night!

Starting with a request from Michael for the crowd to sing Happy Birthday to Karen (thursday was her birthday), one could sense right from then that Michael and Karen’s demeanor is one of humbleness. Both very intuitive, smart, and loving of the value of working with companies that provide an overall good to the world and allow ideas to emerge.

Their firm focuses on research, naming and making the creative image for a company, and then leaving the implementation to be applied internally They are modest and feed off smart thinking (smart seemed to be their word of the day)! In the lecture, Michael focused on a some key projects he was deeply passionate about being involved with. He could have easily spoken just about Kindle or for hours on end, but he had to restrain from all his excitement to explain all the capabilities these companies have.

All throughout the night, he sprinkled great advice (such as ‘be a good listener, not just to the main person in the room, but to everyone’ and ‘see how each generation communicates’,) and quotes from creative thinkers like Edward de Bono and Plato (“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”)

The lecture was both insightful and inspiring.

Designer at Savage

By Robin Tooms
Published April 5, 2009
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