Design Delight on the Beer Isle

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A trip to Central Market had me crushin’ on the beer isle. While a food store lends itself to a plethora of design yummies, the beer selection here had our people’s craft shining like no tomorrow. From the bottles that were dressed like precious canvasses to the six packs that scream ‘decorate your fridge with my well-designed goodness’, this beer selection, in particular, will keep the designer’s eye busy with delight. Some of these good-looking packages seem like they would double as a fashion accessory as well as a frothy adult beverage.

The attention that has been given to the design of the bottles and packaging is grand. Whether it is a ceramic, hand-painted drinking container, a flashy sixer or bottles that are simply beautifully sculpted glass, I can not see how anyone could throw away such design delicacies. This being said, should you decide to purchase one of these thirst-quenching gems at Central market, think of how you might recycle one of these beautiful bottles. Perhaps you might put a candle on the top and gather a few for a pretty bottled wax sculpture. Maybe you might recycle the six pack box and use it to organize your hair brushes or bathroom goods. These also work well as picnic caddies, so fold them and stash them in a picnic basket for a special day. There are some cans that are so beautiful, you might want to take a fancy knife to cut out the top and use them as pen/pencil holders. Piggy banks. Get creative. There is beautiful print on the beer isle at Central Market, Houston. We should all indulge our eyes with such a sight!

Special Shout out to my dear pal, Mike Demma for his design for the No Label Brewing Company label design, Houston’s 3rd craft brewery!

Oaked Beer Bottles

By Jessica Rios-Almanza
Published March 9, 2011
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