Who We Are

AIGA Houston East Satellite is an extension of AIGA Houston specifically serving the Golden Triangle region—Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Orange, Texas.

Making an Impact

AIGA has $1 million set aside toward new and exciting projects for its members across the country through their application-based AIGA Innovate initiative. Starting in 2015 and over the next four years, any AIGA member is encouraged to submit a proposal for consideration. If you’ve always wished your chapter could do this or that your design community was involved in that, AIGA Innovate is the way to get those great ideas off the ground.

AIGA Houston member and Beaumont resident, Sherry Saunders Freyermuth, saw a need for her surrounding design community. Through AIGA Houston’s guidance, Sherry submitted a proposal to develop and implement AIGA Chapter Satellite Groups. Universally, these Chapter Satellite Groups aim to serve design communities and AIGA members in rural communities outside major hub cities, where distance makes attending AIGA programs prohibitive (in Sherry’s case, the Golden Triangle is 85 miles outside of Houston). Under the guidance of the closest chapter, these Chapter Satellite Groups can operate with some autonomy and collaborate under the AIGA name to create their own programming without becoming an official chapter.

The proposal was selected to receive funding over the next two years to test, launch, and document the Golden Triangle’s Chapter Satellite Group. The proposal includes development of a sharable toolkit for other AIGA communities to form and implement a Chapter Satellite Group.

Get Involved

We need leaders and members! We have the opportunity to grow and develop this Chapter Satellite Group organically to potentially position itself into becoming a unique AIGA chapter.

If you are a creative working in design-related fields in the Golden Triangle region, help us achieve maximum community involvement! Our goal is to become a centralized resource and supportive community for one another. Become an AIGA member, follow us on social media (links below), attend our upcoming events, and spread the word. If you’d like to take on a leadership role, please reach out to us at east.satellite@houston.aiga.org. By getting involved in these early stages, you will play a pivotal role in making this group a success.

Look for updates and announcements via social media: