February Professional Spotlight: Eduardo G. Castro

Eduardo Castro Photo

Name: Eduardo G. Castro
Place of Employment: KTRK TV
Job Title: Graphic Designer

How long have you been an AIGA member and what do you get out of being a member?
Embarrassingly, less than a year! My schedule is capricious and I attend events accordingly, this or that catching my fancy, paying as I go. After a pitch from Robin Tooms, I realized I could do more and enjoy supporting an organization that will be there when I cannot.

The socials usually land on my calendar, though I tend to be a wallflower at the parties until that first shot of Jäger. I like stepping away from the computer to people watch or test my real world social skills. Browsing event photos on my iPad is pretty cool and this year’s carpet bomb approach, highlighting different specialties each month is inviting.

What is your take on the creative industry in Houston? How do you think we can make it different?
I like how Barack Obama often says “…lead by example.” Promote, better yet choose an alternative and make it the norm. Is it just about the dollars or could there be something else? Shift a paradigm. It’s probably sent a signal you already recognize.

What inspired you to become a designer?
Instinct. A primitive desire to imprint everything around me. I am a Neanderthal.

What other creative/art events do you attend?
As a Museum of Fine Arts Houston member, I enjoy attending the adult lectures and exhibit openings. This is a great town for art and art history. Need some inspiration? Stop by any of this city’s museums and it will provide a spark.

When you aren’t working, what are you doing?
I rollerblade laps around my neighborhood esplanade, browse Best Buy online, watch Hawaii Five-0, The Defenders & The Mentalist, Flipboard through social media, and play in the neighbor’s garden.

What is your greatest accomplishment to date as a design professional?
In the course of defining what I now call my career, I unexpectedly found myself holding a regional Emmy Award for Craft in Animation. It was the first award I ever received and I was just doing my job! It represents a personal achievement in what was a fledgling industry, but most of all it represents the power of a great ensemble. I still have the pleasure of serving the broadcast market with a member of that original team.

Who are your design heroes or mentors?
Mentors include my high school art teacher Betty Briggs, who recognized my talent, took me under her wing, and illuminated principals of design. On the administrative front, Mimi Quintanilla stressed the importance of discipline and a smile. Tom Ash proved I can be proud to serve a great boss.

Leonardo da Vinci is a life-long hero. Artist, scientist, industrial designer, procrastinator, the whole package. However as a child, it was Jean Cocteau’s 1946 film “La Belle et la Bête” that had me spellbound one Saturday afternoon in front of the TV set. Black and white Flanders, foreign tongues, and a dandy beast. It was the catalyst for my own adventure in motion graphics.

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About Eduardo G. Castro

As a KMOL TV Minority Scholarship recipient, I studied Journalism, Broadcasting and Film at Trinity University. Upon completing my Bachelor’s of Arts, I dabbled in education at the San Antonio Museum of Art, moved to Houston and became head of Special Projects for Oshman’s Sporting Goods nationwide stores. Later I returned to journalism as an Editorial Artist for the Houston Chronicle, shifting to broadcast I earned an Emmy at KPRC, filled-in at KHOU and presently work part-time at KTRK TV. Oh, yeah, I also freelance motion graphics. Houston bean berry, berry goot to me!

By Randy Nicholson
Published March 2, 2011
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