Inside Job 2019 Design Call


*AIGA Houston Members Only!*
Submit your portfolio for an opportunity to be a design sponsor for AIGA Houston’s Inside Job Conference 2019. The Designer/agency will be selected by the Inside Job Committee and will collaborate on the following potential deliverables:


  • Identity for the conference
  • Promotional Postcards (2–3 at most)
  • Digital Graphics
    • IG Post + Story graphics
    • Twitter
    • Facebook Event
    • Web Graphic for AIGA
  • Squarespace Site Update
  • Program
  • Notebook (If not included as part of the program)
  • Poster/ Calendar
  • 1 Banner listing Sponsors for the event
  • Swag Item
  • Name badges for attendees, speakers, board members, volunteers, and sponsors

Design for all deliverables will be in collaboration with the design/art direction of the Inside Job Committee.


*A Note About Compensation:

AIGA Houston is an entirely volunteer-run organization. We donate our time and professional skills year-round for the benefit of our design community. We wanted to offer an honorarium for the Inside Job branding this year because we recognize the amount of work it requires. This is not intended to be fair market payment for the amount of hours this will require. We wanted to make that clear for any other non-profits and emerging designers to understand the difference. We stand as an advocate for designers to be fairly compensated in a world that all too often wants to under-value them.

Compensation: $2k honorarium + “designed by…” name, logo, and/or social media handle on collateral (program, poster, postcards)  and social media posts.

Compensation: In-kind design sponsor. Registration to the event for up to 4 employees. Logo and social media handle on collateral (program, poster, postcards, banner)  and social media posts as an official sponsor for the event.

If you are interested, please email Ryan West at with a short paragraph saying hello and a link to your portfolio.

Submission deadline is March 15, 2019.