It Came From The Bayou!: The Amazing Hancock Brothers

Unnatural by John Hancock


Infamous “low-tech” print masters, Texas-born The Amazing Hancock Brothers look to shock as much as inform. Their bold, unabashed style combines screen printing, woodcuts, and acrylic into mixed-use pieces that resemble part Circus Freak posters, part insane patterns, and all crazy, in-your-face attitude.


Brothers Charles and John often chuck all sense of propriety out the window, then rip down the curtains, screen clowns or skulls or grotesque portraits on them, and then chuck that out the window, too. As members of Dirty Printmakers of America, they are able to use their ferocious, fearless talent to push the awareness and accessibility of printmaking to the huddled masses, democratizing art and technique.


John Hancock – Twinz

Photo by Patty Mora


This upcoming Saturday, June 30, Houston’s own Burning Bones Press is hosting the It Came From The Bayou! event for PrintHouston 2012. The Amazing Hancock Brothers will be performing their Spoken Word poetry as well as selling their work. The ink slinging picnic and showcase starts at 6pm in the Continental Club’s backyard.


By Chelsea Thomas
Published June 24, 2012
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