Member Mix | Rachel Rothberg

For this installment in AIGA Houston’s Member Mix series, Rachel Rothberg, Senior Designer at PH Design Shop, supplied us with a massive playlist (read: 65 tracks) with everything from Dolly Parton to Gnarls Barkley. Check it out below.

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A bit of Rachel’s work:

She says, “I’ve had a desire recently to explore more of Texas, and mainly just head out west. This playlist reflects my imagination of what a day (from morning to night) on the road would look like through sound and the emotions that come with the freedom of a good old road trip. There’s no set genre of the tracks that I chose, but the “gunfighter/cowboy ballads” are songs I remember listening to as kid on my dad’s record player, while others are songs that just make me feel good or want to sing along. As much as I am a city girl, part of me has a deep connection to idyllic wide open spaces and the power of possibility that springs from exploring this good, green earth. I hope you enjoy it!”

Give it a listen:

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By Joe Ross
Published June 6, 2014
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