NASA Space Shuttle Program: In Memoriam

to friends in space
and those on ships
that interlace
with suns and moons
across the sea
of light
that rims
our galaxy.

to all who fly
and those who seek
new worlds in sky
from my home planet
swirled in blue
a long and peaceful
calm to you.


by Sarah Wilson

The end of a 30-year, $196 billion program will take place this Thursday morning at 5:56 a.m. After Atlantis lands at the Kennedy Space Center on July 21, there will be no way for American astronauts to get to space on an American shuttle. For the first time in 50 years, American children will have no American spacecraft upon which to dream of flying. A bitter-sweet moment, since the image of the space shuttle tearing into the sky is still the stock footage that represents technology, innovation, and American ingenuity. But perhaps like the glorious phoenix, we will rise from the ashes and return to the vast curiousness that is space.


I would like to leave you with these beautiful old-future science posters designed by Mark Weaver, an Atlanta-based graphic designer. This group of work is from his “Make something cool every day” series which are just inspiring and hopefully keep our fascination with space exploration alive.


By Monica Garcia
Published July 20, 2011
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