Title Case Screening

Thank you to MFAH Film for their promotion of this event, and thanks to David Saxe of Ell Creative being our host.


On September 23, 2015 motion graphics aficionados gathered at Sundance Cinema Houston to view 20 film and television titles curated by 20 Houston creatives as part of Design Week Houston 2015. The main title sequences displayed were a great way to introduce people to the field of motion graphics, in that each piece functioned as an entry point for the film that set the mood and transition the audience into the narrative of the show.

The title sequences spanned the full gamut of cinematic genres (Hitchcock, French New Wave, contemporary thrillers and superhero films) as well as television shows, conference title sequences and a meta parody piece that poked fun at sitcoms from the 1990’s (Too many cooks).

Stranger Than Fiction
2006, USA
Director Marc Forster
Title Designer Ben Radatz @ MK12
Runtime: 03:06

1997, USA
Director Andrew Niccol
Title Designer Michael Riley
Runtime: 03:41

1995, USA
Director David Fincher
Title Designer Kyle Cooper
Runtime: 02:08

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

2011, USA
Director David Fincher
Title Designer Blur Studio
Runtime: 02:24

Daredevil (Netflix series)

2015, USA
Director Elastic
Title Designer Patrick Clair (Creative Director)
Runtime: 1:02

Six Million Dollar Man
1974, USA
Director Dick Moder
Title Designer Jack Cole
Runtime: 01:24

1958, USA
Director Alfred Hitchcock
Title Designer Saul Bass
Runtime: 03:00

Grand Prix
1966, USA
Director John Frankenheimer
Title Designer Saul Bass
Runtime: 04:52

To Kill A Mockingbird

1962, USA
Director Robert Mulligan
Title Designer Stephen Frankfurt
Runtime: 02:58

A Woman is a Woman
1961, France
Director Jean-Luc Godard
Designer Jean-Luc Godard
Runtime: 00:47

Bande a Part
1964, France
Director Jean-Luc Godard
Title Designer Jean-Luc Godard
Runtime: 01:58

Grizzly Man
2005, U.S.
Director Werner Herzog
Runtime: 01:01

Monsters, Inc.
2001, USA
Director Pete Dokter, David Silverman, Lee Unkrich
Title Designer Pixar
Runtime: 01:28

A Kiss from Tokyo
2009, USA
Director Kevin Dart, Stéphane Coëdel
Title Designer Kevin Dart
Runtime: 01:46

FITC Tokyo 2015

2015, USA
Director Ash Thorp
Title Designer/Animators Michael Rigley, Nicolas Girard, Ash Thorp, Alasdair Willson, Chris Bjerre, Andrew Hawryluk, Albert Omoss
Runtime: 2:11

Opening titles for the 2013 Semi-Permanent design conferences
2013, USA
Director Danny Yount
Title Designer Danny Yount
Music by Planet Love Sound / Produced at 1976 Studios
Runtime: 1:12

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows End Credits
2011, USA
Director Guy Ritchie
Title Designer Danny Yount
Runtime: 02:12

2000, USA
Director Guy Ritchie
Title Designer Ian Cross
Runtime: 1:20

Cowboy Bebop
1998, Japan
Director Shinichirō Watanabe
Title Designer Sunrise (animation studio)
Runtime: TBD

Too Many Cooks

2014, USA
Director Casper Kelly
Title Designer Mark MacDonald
Runtime: 11:12

Many thanks to our contributors:

Craig Tooms
Motion Graphics Designer / Animator @ 36ixty Visuals Inc.

Daniel Bosse
Principal, Bayon Creative

Jennifer Blanco
Co-Founder and Creative Director, Spindletop Design

Viet Tran
Producer/Director/Motion Designer – Freelance

Theodore Horrocks
Motionologist, HFX Films

Thomas Guerrero
Creative Director, LOVE Advertising

John Luu
Art Director, Schlumberger

Tyler Swanner
Creative Director

Peter Lucas
Independent Curator

Joe Ross
Creative Director & Designer

Amanda Thomas
Graphic Designer, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

Allyn West
Assistant Director, Communications, the Rice Design Alliance

Marian Luntz
Curator, Film and Video, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Rowan Gearon
VP Creative Services, Adcetera

Aaron Casey
Senior Motion Designer

Beckham Dossett
Assistant Professor, University of Houston

Khalil Abusharekh
Owner, Hakaya, the Storytellers

Jim Mousner
Principal & Creative Director, Origin

Moni Yael Garcia
Moni (Owner) & 200 Billion Galaxies (Principal Creative)

Rene Cruz
Art Director, Freelance

Our guest writer for this event, John Luu, is an Art Director for Schlumberger and a member of AIGA’s National Board of Directors.

Photos by John Luu.

By aigahouston
Published October 29, 2015
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