2024 Incoming Chapter Leaders

Your votes have been counted.

We are excited to announce the results of our 2024 Chapter Slate Election and officially welcome the next group of AIGA Houston chapter leaders. These newly elected board and committee members will begin their terms on July 1, 2024.

Design: Rita Jia

Incoming Board of Directors

Sara Iqbal, President
Melton Bell III, Membership and Programming Director
Sabrina Smith, Communications Director
Claire Elestwani, DEI Director

Incoming Committee Members

Felicia Mesadieu, Membership Chair
Isabel Almaguer, Membership Coordinator
Emma Simoni, Membership Ambassador
Stephanie Areche-Franco, Partnerships Chair
Alan Nguyen, Communications Chair
Rita Jia, Communications Chair
Joceyln Randolph, Design Advocacy Coordinator
Ingrid Rincón, Programming (DEI) Chair 
Amy Truong, Programming (Education) Chair

As a 100% volunteer-run non-profit organization, we would not be anywhere without the passion, support and dedication of our chapter board and committee members. Please help us thank our outgoing and continuing board volunteers, who have worked hard to serve you and our local creative community. 

Outgoing Board of Directors

Tracy Ngo, President and Interim Co-Operations Director
Camila Ruiz, Vice President and Interim Co-Operations Director
Alicia Pena, Finance Director

Outgoing Committee Members

Qi Guo, Programming (Community) Chair
Sanders Anderson, Programming (DEI) Chair
Chris Robinson, Programming (DEI) Coordinator
Dani Newman, Communications Chair
Hugo Jimenez, Communications Coordinator
Sam Benitez, Design Advocacy Chair
Priya Ramikissoon, Design Advocacy Coordinator
Christie Le, Design Advocacy Coordinator
Joshua Unikel, Design Advocacy (DEI) Coordinator
Maha Aziz, Design Advocacy Ambassador

Continuing Board of Directors

Sara Iqbal, Current Design Advocacy Director transitioning into President
Melton Bell III, Current Programming Director and taking on additional Membership Director role

Interested in volunteering?

See one-off volunteer opportunities here or learn how to become a chapter leader. Mid-term board vacancies can be filled by board appointment. Please note that members may leave or transition mid-term, so if you are interested in a role that appears to already be taken, we still encourage you to reach out.